River Dell Junior Police Academy

The Oradell Fire Department and River Edge Fire Department joined forces today to demonstrate to this year’s River Dell Junior Police Academy recruits some of the equipment and operations of the fire department and how we contribute to the world of public safety.  Both departments also demonstrated the role of the fire department at a motor vehicle crash.


Water Rescue Response to Allendale

This evening, units from the Oradell Fire Department’s Dive and Water Rescue Team were deployed into Allendale to assist with a water search.  Mahwah FD Dive and Water Rescue Team was also on scene.  OFD was able to provide two SCUBA divers who worked with two Mahwah Divers. The Divers conducted an underwater search while a manned boat team from Oradell conducted a surface search. Thankfully the reported missing person was safely located in another municipality.


Cliffview Pilot Story

Motor Vehicle Crash into a House

On 6/23/15 at around 10:20 pm Oradell units were dispatched for a reported Motor Vehicle crash into a home.  Oradell Police arrived and confirmed the driver was not trapped, but required medical attention.  Oradell Chief 20, Captain 202, Squad 22, Tower 21 and Engine 23 responded along with EMS from New Milford Ambulance.  FD units secured the vehicle and stabilized the damage to the home.  Units operated about 90 minutes before picking up.

Oven Fire – New Milford

Earlier today, Tower 21 was dispatched to the 300 block of Birchwood Road in New Milford for an oven fire.  Tower 21, properly staffed with seven volunteer firefighters, arrived as the first due truck and assisted with ventilation operations.


Tower 21 Supports the Warriors Run

This past weekend, Tower 21 assisted at the 2nd annual Warriors Run in New Milford by raising a large American flag over nearly 600 motorcycle riders passing by New Milford High School.  This event helps raise funds to donate to various veterans organizations throughout the country.


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