Please Clear Your Hydrants

Now that the first major snow storm of the season has wrapped up, the Oradell Fire Department would like remind those residents and business owners with fire hydrants in your neighborhood, to please shovel the snow, at least three feet in all directions from around the fire hydrant.  And, to shovel an additional three feet wide path out to the street, as well.

By taking a few minutes to shovel-up our fire hydrants will help us provide you with prompt an efficient service, if that water source is needed.  If our volunteer firefighters need take the time to shovel the snow from around the fire hydrant, during an emergency, that will take them away from their duties at the emergency scene.  We ask that you please help us, help you!

Shovel Hydrant 2014-02-05 10.35.39

SCUBA / Dive Call to Wallington

At 16:37 Oradell FD Dive Team assets were requested into Wallington NJ, to assist Wallington Dive and other Dive units with the recovery of a vehicle submerged in the Passaic River.  Oradell SCUBA 26, Utility 25 and Marine 1 responded with Divers.  Oradell Divers dressed and stood by as safety / backup while the vehicle recovery was made.

More info available by following this link.

Fletcher Ave – Structure Fire


At 09:48 AM, the Oradell Fire Department was dispatched to the 600 block of Fletcher Avenue in Oradell for a structure fire.  At 09:50 AM, Car 203 arrived on scene and confirmed a working fire.  Engine 24 arriving shortly after, established a water supply, began extinguishing a fire in the garage area and checked for occupants in the house.  Tower 21 and Squad 22 performed other primary and secondary searches in the structure.  Engine 23 and mutual aid departments performed other support services on scene.  Car 201 arrived on-scene shortly into the duration of the incident and assumed command.

The Oradell Fire Department would like to express our sincere condolences to the family for their personal loss today.

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2016 Line Officers Sworn In

This past Sunday, Mayor Dianne Didio had the pleasure to swear in the 2016 Line Officers of the Oradell Fire Department, bringing nearly 100 years of experience!IMG_6368

From Right to Left

Chief of Department – Dan Nywening
Assistant Chief – Brian Bonte
Captain – Joseph Gothelf
1st Lieutenant – Joseph Lomoriello
2nd Lieutenant – Jeffery Kaplan
3rd Lieutenant – Terrance Moran

Happy New Year


Happy New Year from the Officers and Firefighters of the Oradell Fire Department!

The department finished the year last night responding to 305 calls for service in 2015.  Incident statistics from 2015 will be posted at a later date.