Monthly Drill

Tonight members continued from last month on Search, SCBA, Forcible Entry and Saw review.  The basics and being proficient are one of the keys to success.

Car Fire

Tonight during the monthly meeting Oradell FD Members were alerted for a car fire on O’Connell Place.  Units turned out quickly with Chief 20, Chief 201 arriving and confirming a well involved SUV.  Squad 22, Engine 23 and Engine 24 all arrived about the same time.  Squad 22 and Engine 23 each stretched one hose line each and operated for about 30 minutes with members for Engine 24.  Remember to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter also !

Get ready for the Nor’Beaster

The dedicated members of the Oradell Volunteer Fire Department will be ready for this upcoming snow storm and you can help.  No one likes Mr. Plow when he comes by, but Mr. Plow is a necessary evil.  Mr. Plow likes to cover Mr. Hydrant and we need every Fire Hydrant as accessible as possible.  We have responded to many fires in the weather that we are expecting.  It CAN happen here – HELP OFD TO HELP YOU.  Keep the hydrants clear for 3 feet on all sides.

Change Those Batteries!

Its that time of the year again when we spring forward and lose and hour of sleep!  What a great time to check and replace those smoke detector batteries.  While you are out getting the bread and milk today (more on that in the next post) grab those batteries and get it done!

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