About Us

The Oradell Fire Department is a 100% volunteer department. We are neighbors helping neighbors at 3PM and 3AM no matter what the call is.

A number of key characteristics distinguish the Oradell Fire Department from others of similar Boroughs. In terms of personnel, the Oradell Fire Department is the largest single organization within the Borough of Oradell. Also, our organization has a diverse membership. There are firefighters with ranks from Cadet to Ex-Chief, and our members have ranged in age from 14 years (cadets) up to 80 years or more. In its 118 year history, the Department has had the responsibility of developing a master plan for fire protection, fire suppression, fire safety education, and fire prevention for the community of businesses and over 10,000 residents.

Various requirements are imposed on the Department for compliance with Federal and State Statutes and an Insurance Services Office (ISO) standard. Compliance with Federal and State laws is required, but an ISO rating of 1 through 10 is issued based on a department’s communications system, water supply/equipment, training and records (a rating of “1” is the best).

Oradell’s current rating is a “3” as of 2014.

Today the department continues to serve the residents of the borough in a number of areas including but not limited to responding to fires, carbon monoxide incidents, motor vehicle extrications, water rescues, and hazardous materials incidents to name a few.