The Oradell Volunteer Fire Department, provides a variety of services to the Borough of Oradell. The fire department responds to all fires, odors of smoke, carbon monoxide incidents, motor vehicle crashes, fire alarms, elevator rescues, swift water rescue, under water rescue, and other incidents where fire department manpower and equipment are needed. The fire department also provides fire prevention education to local schools​ and businesses.

Today, members of the department are alerted by one-way radios that the fire department has been dispatched to an incident. All members respond to the firehouse first, then to the scene by way of our apparatus. Those responding to the firehouse utilize flashing blue lights to alert motorists of their response. Please yield and give these responders the right of way when you see them on the road.​

Fire Suppression
Members of the OFD are highly trained in fire suppression and investigation techniques. We currently maintain 1 Tower Ladder, 2 Engines, 1 Rescue Engine (Squad), and 2 Command Vehicles that respond to all incidents that occur within a structure. This includes any type of fires, odors of smoke, carbon monoxide incidents, gas emergencies, and alarm activations. Fire Hydrants (painted red and white) can be found prominently around the Borough, covering 100% of our response area.

Vehicle Extrication & Rescue
Despite the smaller size of Oradell, the OFD responds regularly to motor vehicle crashes and extrications. The fire department is requested to these incidents when specialized hydraulic tools are needed to help remove occupants of a vehicle. The department maintains a variety of Holmatro Rescue tools to help cut and spread damaged vehicles to help remove the occupants and other rescue tools to help make the scene safe and remove occupants as quickly as possible. The OFD also responds to all elevators rescue where an elevator has become disabled with a trapped occupant.

Water Rescue​
A unique specialty of the OFD is our Swift & Underwater Rescue Team. The department currently maintains 12 SCUBA divers to assist with underwater rescue and recovery efforts. Nearly every member of the department has been trained in swift water rescue techniques. We currently operate 3 motorized boats and a SCUBA Response Vehicle. The team works closing with water rescue teams from Wallington FD, Lyndhurst FD, Mahwah FD & Bergen County Police.