Knox Box Information

As of September 27, 2011, the installation and usage of Knox Boxes are required for most buildings within the Borough of Oradell.

Borough of Oradell Ordinance Requiring Use of Knox Boxes

A Knox Box is an ultra-secure steel box that is bolted to a building which contains keys to the building for exterior and interior doors, utility rooms, fire alarm systems, and other vital areas that the fire department may need to gain access to in an emergency. These boxes remain locked and can only be accessed by the Oradell Fire Department and the Oradell Fire Official and secure measures are in place to regulate and track their usage. Fire department master keys are not carried by personnel but rather electronically locked in fire department vehicles and can only be “released” by our dispatch center or pin code. Knox Boxes can also be integrated with most burglar alarm systems.

The installation of a Knox Box serves two vital purposes. First, when the fire department responds to a fire alarm at a commercial building outside of normal business hours, either on a Tuesday at 3 AM or over the weekend, the fire department can quickly gain access to a building utilizing the keys secured in the Knox Box. This allows immediate access to the building without the need for a key holder to respond, who may be over 30 minutes away or on vacation. Second, in some cases when the fire department does encounter a problem at a building, such as a fire, a smoke condition, or water leak, it may be necessary for the fire department to “force entry” into the structure. Forcible entry techniques often result in damaged doors, door frames, windows, locks and other means of entry into the building. With the installation and usage of a Knox Box, the fire department can avoid most needs for forcible entry.

The purchase and installation of the box are the responsibility of the building owner. An example of installation can be found at the Oradell Public Library, to the left of the front door.

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Be sure to search for and select “Oradell Fire Dept” prior to purchasing.

Please contact Oradell’s Fire Prevention Bureau for questions and purchasing at 201-261-4234