River Dell Junior Police Academy

The Oradell Fire Department and River Edge Fire Department joined forces today to demonstrate to this year’s River Dell Junior Police Academy recruits some of the equipment and operations of the fire department and how we contribute to the world of public safety.  Both departments also demonstrated the role of the fire department at a […]

Saw Races

During some training last night, firefighters compared the speed and agility of a manual saw versus a battery powered saw when cutting a vehicle’s windshield.  During motor vehicle crashes, firefighters often remove the front windshield to help free trapped occupants.

Forcible Entry Training

Earlier this week, members completed additional training on our Multi-Force Door Simulator which allows us to review forcible entry techniques in order to gain entry into structures that may be locked or heavily fortified.

April Training

Each month the department comes together for small group training to learn new skills and refine old ones.  Currently the department is working on a three month rotation to train on search & rescue, vehicle extrication, and tower ladder operations.

FDIC 2015

Oradell Firefighters are proud to be among the thousands of firefighters attending training this week at the FDIC Conference in Indianapolis.  On going firefighter training is essential to keep current with the latest trends and evolving threats.